Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Fat Loss / Weight Gain Online Diet Or Nutrition Package

The Fat Loss / Weight Gain Diet package entitles the patient to the use of nutrition services for the duration of the membership / nutrition package as per the rules given below :-

  1. During the period of the Fat Loss / Weight Gain or the Nutrition Package

    Patients are entitled to one nutrition counselling session per week. Hence a 3-month fat loss/weight gain or nutrition package entitles a total of 12 sessions; a 6-month fat loss/weight gain or nutrition package entitles a total of 24 sessions; and 1 year fat loss/weight gain or nutrition package entitles a total of 48 sessions during the course of the programme or package.

    Regularity of weekly follow ups is a must for achieving results. It is the patient's responsibility to complete 4 sessions in a month.

    During the maintenance period of the fat loss/ weight gain membership, patients are entitled to only two nutrition counselling sessions per month. If a patient wants a third nutrition counselling session in a month, he/she will be accordingly charged extra.

  2. Activation of Fat Loss/Weight gain or Nutrition Package:

    To activate, register by paying the membership / package fees is mandatory.

    It is compulsory to fill up the personal history form with accurate information along with the basic parameters listed in the form.

    The nutrition sessions of the fat loss/weight gain package are activated on the day of taking the first diet session. If a renewal is pre-bought, it will commence only after expiry of the previous fat loss/weight gain or nutrition package. Renewals of the fat loss/weight gain or nutrition package will be activated on the first day of usage.

    All payments must be made IN ADVANCE. NO CREDIT POLICY IS AVAILABLE.

    There is no REFUND POLICY.

  3.  Expiry:

    The date of expiry of the fat loss/weight gain or nutrition package will be as per calculated from the date of activation of the membership. It is the responsibility of the patient to complete his/her nutrition sessions within that period.
  4. Disclaimers:

    The fat loss/weight gain or nutrition package does not guarantee results. Results are subject to regular intense training, compliance with the recommended diet and regular follow ups.

    Target fat loss figures are only targets as per the general norm and average results expected. Results will vary with the individual and according to age, gender, medical conditions e.g. results may be hampered due to metabolic or hormonal problems. The same will be recommended as suitable as per the approximate body composition of the patient and not only according to the body weight e.g. if the body weight is close to desirable weight range, fat loss or muscle gain may be seen only as changes in inches and weight targets will not be considered.

    A log of the diet recall needs to be maintained for the entire duration of the fat loss/weight gain programme for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.

    It is recommended that the patient continues the programme without a break until his/her target fat loss/weight gain is achieved. Dis-continuing mid-way may hamper further results.
  5. Any change made by us in the diet recommended should be written and not verbal. The centre cannot be held responsible for any hampering of results or adverse effects if :

    The patient (or any other person) makes any changes in recommended diet program without written consent of us.

    The patient resorts to any imbalanced diet programs or any other attempts for faster results or to reach an undesirably low weight.
  6. Freezing:

    Patients can freeze their membership in accordance with the freezing rules only if given in writing in advance with a genuine reason. Freezing is allowed only in case of patient being immobile or in case of severe medical condition and we have the total rights to decide the same. In 3 months - 14 days, 6 months - 15 days and 12 months - 30 days. Freezing of the package will be completely at the discretion of the management.
  7. Termination:

    Membership can be terminated without any notice if the patient violates the rules and regulations and incase of default of any payments.
  8. Referrals:

    Existing patient who refers to another non- enrolled patient is liable to get 1 week free complimentary nutrition package.

    Online diet package is non-transferrable and cannot be transferred to any other person.


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