EMS Thearpy

It works on the principle of passive muscle stimulation through Electromyostimulation (EMS) technique using microfaradic impulses. These machines work passively over each muscle group by stimulating the target muscle.

Following can be the target areas :-

  1. Full upper body
  2. Tummy + Thighs
  3. Hips + Thighs
  4. Tummy + Hips + Thighs
  5. Arms
  6. Back ( upper and lower)
  7. Neck + Shoulders
  8. Calf
  9. Full abdominal girth including love handles



This helps in -

  1. Inch Loss & Weight Loss
  2. Gaining strength and increasing the muscle endurance
  3. Increasing body metabolism
  4. Rehabilitation of injuries such as tendinitis or sore joints, inflammation of muscles, arthritis, etc..
  5. Restoration of muscle function before patients are capable of voluntary exercise
  6. Body firming and toning


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