When it comes to diet lot of people would have mis-conceptions which would vary from starvation diets to avoiding certain food items, boredom of diets, consuming monotonous foods, inconvenience of cooking, etc...

We at Nehas's NutriFit Clinic make DIET – Fun, Interesting, Healthy, Convenient, Tasty, Sustainable and a Lifestyle Modification.

There are no crash diets, no supplements and no medications. We believe in the body’s ability to heal itself through right choices of foods i.e. herbs and functional food items.

Every individual has a unique body type and different lifestyle. The effect of food on each person varies according to their genetic structure. If simply stated it means that the bread which one person eats may give him energy but the same piece of bread for another person may spell trouble in terms of hyper insulin reaction and a rise in fat deposits. As many of us have already noticed that some people drink milk they would feel light and energetic, while others feel drowsy and have an upset stomach. This difference in reaction is due to the difference in the way each person body reacts to food.

How Do We Work
We at Neha's NutriFit Clinic perform an individual's body composition analysis. Once the report is taken out and personally studied and discussed with the member/patient, we put the client on to our panel of Nutritionists and Dietician where the diets and modifications in lifestyle are given according to his/her choice and personal likings of food stuffs.
Diets at Neha's NutriFit Clinic are not any of those conventional diets where an individual is made to starve to lose weight. It is much more than starving and in fact landing up eating more than what would generally eat and yet lose weight. One's professional and social background is taken into consideration and the diets are planned as per their travel schedules, social outings, festivals, etc...

Special Diet Programs
Neha's NutriFit Clinic consists of a team which includes Dieticians, Nutritionists, Fitness Consultants and Therapists. These experts together analyse the health problems and strive hard to provide optimum solutions.

We provide special diet programs –


  1. Online Diet
  2. Weight loss / weight gain
  3. Sports fitness
  4. Corporate Program

Our special clinical care programs –

  1. Heart Care
  2. Diabetes
  3. Hormonal disorders
  4. Bone and Joints disorder
  5. Children health
  6. Pregnancy & lactation
  7. Senior citizens


News & Updates

Neha's NutriFit has shifted from Tardeo - Firoza Mansion 


Jaywant Apt. B, Grnd Flr, Behind SBI Bank, Tardeo, Opp. Sobo Central Mall

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