Neha’s NutriFit Clinic introduces a whole new world of Diet, Fitness & Health. We intend to change your world and get a sustainable lifestyle modification. You will enjoy your health plans because they are much more than just obesity and health risks. Tailor made plans are designed for every individual considering your body shape, travel schedules and time constraints. We not only target the problem but we try to target the cause of the problem so that you achieve a permanent or a long lasting solution.

There are so many people who have given an attempt to lose weight or tackle with various health issues. But how many of them have been able to maintain it and for how long ?

We at Neha's NutriFit Clinic work over the root cause of the problem so that we can provide target oriented and natural solutions which can be easily integrated into one's daily life. We concentrate on improving the body metabolism and increasing the fitness level of an individual. This helps the members to maintain their achieved results easily. Therefore, we rightly and proudly say "have a sustainable lifestyle modification with us".

We make you achieve this with our different programs which include -

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Fat Loss, Inch Loss and Muscle Stimulating Therapy
  4. U-Lipolysis
  5. Tucks


News & Updates

Neha's NutriFit has shifted from Tardeo - Firoza Mansion 


Jaywant Apt. B, Grnd Flr, Behind SBI Bank, Tardeo, Opp. Sobo Central Mall

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Girish Patel

Lost 10 kgs

It has been a great experience w

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Nergish Wadia

Lost 12 kgs

I lost the weight and the inches

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Rushab Jain

Gained 12 kgs

I would like to share with you

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