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We all want to be fit, maintain a good health, food habits and live a healthy lifestyle. We want to look good, have productive working hours, maintain high volume of awareness and be active with multi-tasking to face the ever changing challenges that life throws at us.


Due to hectic urban lifestyle we sacrifice our health the most. Before having a feast of junk food at a happening corner of the town we have a guilt of consuming wrong food but our tongue and mind takes over. We daily abuse our wonderful body with wrong food, long working hours, low physical activity and high mental stress. Finally, when we realise either its too late or the mirror reflects unwanted curves and flab all over our body and we tell our selves I WANT TO CHANGE.

Considering the ever increasing hectic lifestyle that people are leading in today’s mechanical world we, at Neha's NutriFit Clinic strive hard to achieve a sustainable lifestyle modification. We are proud to introduce a whole new concept of Diet, Fitness and Health.

We really do care for every member at Neha's NutriFit Clinic

Come, live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with us

Call Us for an appointment - 022 2352 5271, 022 2352 5278, +91 93201 20260

News & Updates

We are proud to announce

the launch of our 4th

branch in Mumbai at Malad.

NNC has crossed more

than 5000 members in last

4 and half years.

NNC launches special

fitness programs for

senior citizens

- above 50 years of age.

( Fit after 50 ).


Girish Patel

Lost 10 kgs

It has been a great experience w

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Nergish Wadia

Lost 12 kgs

I lost the weight and the inches

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Rushab Jain

Gained 12 kgs

I would like to share with you

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